Here at Today's Wire, we think it has to do with the character of entertainment. It stimulates the brain to release serotonin, dopamine and other chemicals. It can also stimulate the brain, which gives a good feeling considering the brain was shaped to understand the world. Entertainment often hit on the points that the mind was evolved to react deeply to, in order to function in a social world. A lot of entertainment is focused on social backstabbing, murders and other themes in the social world which was very important to be aware of in order to survive and navigate the social world.

If you weren’t aware of the sociopath in the group, you could easily be taken aware of, or killed. And if you didn’t know that Susan liked to have sex with a lot of different guys, it could happen that you thought you made her pregnant, but in reality, you would waste all your resources to foster someone else kid, and not pass on your own genes. Humour is also a part of this domain. It was probably a way to increase group cohesion and reduce stress in the group. So when you watch something that is entertaining, it means that you engage the brain, and you get interested and absorbed because of how the brain was structured during evolution.

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