A lifestyle is a way a person lives, here at TODAY'S WIRE we include patterns of behaviour, habits, and choices. It includes a person's attitudes, values, and interests, as well as their relationships, activities, and material possessions. A person's lifestyle is shaped by many factors, including culture, upbringing, education, social class, and personal preferences. A healthy lifestyle involves making choices that promote physical and mental well-being, such as exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. A lifestyle can also refer to the overall atmosphere or culture of a place or group, such as the lifestyle of a city or the lifestyle of a company.

Life without style is lifeless. Style is an important quotient of our life. It begins with your morning dress and further involves how you carry yourself through the day. Your formals should be creaseless, your shoes should shine, and your car should be without a spec of dust. And I can go on & on…..

It's not just about brands, it's also about how you move, meet people, dine, walk and mingle around that matters. Remember, people are going to size you up within a few seconds of your arrival. It's those first few seconds that count a lot.

Living life in style is an art. Mastering it requires constant practice and dedication.

Believe me, my friend, stylish people are generally taken at face value. No one will ever test their intellect or knowledge. It's presumed that they have enough. These people cut deals regularly with ease, and people want to be associated with them for better recognition.

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